Friday, January 06, 2006

Alito to Face Witnesses on his Credibility

NYTimes: No wonder the Senate Dems are delaying committee hearings for a wk on Alito: They said Thurs that they would call at least 2 witnesses who could question Alito's personal credibility as well several experts on civil rts and constitutional law. At the center of the inquiry is Alito's volunteering to recuse himself to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest in The Vanguard case, then turning around and breaking his promise. And Alito's failure to mention his membership in response to the Senate questionnaire for his confirmation to the fedrl appeals crt to an "anti-black"/ "anti-women" group called The Concerned Alumni of Princeton. Hmm, who knows what else they could dig up, eh? Here's a comprehensive list of Alito- petition letters to sign.
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