Friday, January 06, 2006

Abramoff Scandal: Bipartisan My Ass

So the pathelogical liars-- i.e.--the GOP, are desperately trying to paint the Abramoff scandal as a bipartisan scandal?And spew the lie that how he was somehow an "equal opportunity money dispenser"? Well EJ Dionne sets the record straight on those lies & bitchslaps the liars spewing the lies in 'Abramoff & His Vanishing Friends'. Confused over All Things Abramoff? Think Progress has this crib sheet. Here's the lowdown on the Abramoff/GOP politician charities scandal, Ted "I'm Gonna Lay Down & Die If I Don't Get My Damn Bridge to No Where" Stevens of Alaska and the rest of the AK delegation got Abramoff money, and finally, the DeLay's wife/ Abramoff/ Charities hoopla.
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