Friday, April 22, 2005

Wanted:GOP Bullies for Bolton

This is so typical of the Re-Thug-licans: We have Bolton threatening Melody Townsel and chasing her down a hotel hallway, Bolton threatening a Justice Dept lawyer's job b/c she DARED to take maternity leave (what should she have done? give the kid a full bottle & clean diapey and say over her shoulder "mommy will be home by 7... be a good baby" as she locks up every morning?), we have Scott "I need to come out of the closet" McClellan saying that the WH has "been in touch with" Sen.Voinovich (Voinovich should expect to awaken w/a bloody horse's head in his bed), and now Condi Rice is threatening and intimidating poeple who may speak out about Bolton.,. which is, as Sen. Barbara Boxer points out, an act that is unconstitutional.
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