Wednesday, April 20, 2005

94 of 162 Judges on Crt of Appeals are Repubs

So, the obvious question is this: WTF are DeLay and Frist blathering about when they refer to these supposed "liberal activist" judges?? If 58% of the active judges have been appointed by Repubs, and 7 out of the 9 Supreme Crt Justices since 1976 have been appointed by Repubs, honestly... WTF are DeLay and Frist talking about? Well, check out DeLay's pandering to the fringe freaks on this judge bashing session. I almost fell on the floor when DeLay said: "we have to define good behavior"... as if he would even recognize if it bit him on his ass. And this op/ed piece on Justice Scalia is fabulous b/c it says it clearly: Scalia is an activist judge, too... gasp! Bush's fav judge is an activist?
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