Tuesday, April 19, 2005

John Bolton, Liar & Bully Supreme

It's no shock that W can't sing John Bolton's praises enough. Why? Because Bush's nominee as US ambassador to the UN is ethically challenged and a longtime liar, and a big bully. Bush feels like he's just looking into a mirror... and this op/ ed examines all the reasons why Bolton is NOT the right man for the job. Originally taken during the 2000 Election, (but printed in 10/04 for an article about the 04 Election) a great photo of none other than Bolton examining some "hanging / butterfly chads" in FL... something smells rotten to me... and from 2002, the Miami Herald highlights the names of those who helped Bush in the 2000 Election who were later rewarded w/ plum jobs. But despite all of the rank odors that Bolton wafts in, he will most probably be confirmed on Tuesday b/c why the hell not? If an inept slacker like Condi and a torture happy freak like Gonzales can be confirmed, ANYBODY can be confirmed in this administration.
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