Monday, April 18, 2005

Iran Loosens Their Abortion Law... Oh the Irony!

While US elected officials and the Talibornagains whip open their Bibles at American women & prepare to shove their own version of Christianity down the throats of pregnant women, Iran loosens their abortion laws to allow for abortions to be performed on fetuses up to the fourth month of gestation if at least 3 doctors have determined has genetic abnormalities will result in the child being born mentally/ physically disabled. And Talibornagains are leading the charge against a vaccine that can prevent women from contracting the virus (HPV) that causes most cases of cervical cancer. They say that protecting females from catching the virus will give them free license to have sex. So protecting women from CANCER is a BAD and immoral thing to these freaks? Who knew that the Culture of Life only wanted virgins to live?
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