Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ratzinger is now Pope Benedict XVI

I am not encouraged nor enthusiastic about the selection of Ratzinger as Pope. I am utterly stunned and dismayed... as is every other single Catholic or Eastern Orthodox person I have spoken directly to about this. I wish Pope Benedict XVI the best of luck and I truly hope that he does not end up being the EXTREMELY harsh and polarizing theologian that he was as a Cardinal b/c the last thing the world needs is a Catholic version of the Falwell & Robertson type of Talibornagain Fundamentalists and the Sharia Law- loving Radical Islamic Mullahs. Didja know that Ratzinger intervened in the 04 Election against Kerry to convince Catholic voters that they could not vote for a prochoice and proeuthanasia candidate or else risk being denied communion. Please read this from the Nat'l Catholic Reporter & tell me that I am crazy for being so very wary of this man being the Holy Pontiff.
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