Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ann The Emaciated Hag Coulter on Cover of Time

So I forced myself to visit the vile Drudge Report (please Matt Drudge, closets are for clothes, not gay self loathers like yourself) and when I saw The Emaciated Hag on Time's cover... I kid you not... I covered my eyes and screamed for my husband... she is so damned HIDEOUS... but do you think that the Time article covered this area of The Hag's life? Hmm... could she really be a he who was once named Arthur... to quote Austin Powers... well, she is rather manish and she does look like she's been hit w/ an ugly stick... it's a MAN, baby! And what about the part in the Time article where she says that airport security screening MUST be based on skin color: "Swarthy men ... We'd be searching, you know, Italians, Spanish, Jews, males—but you're excluding the women. You're excluding the old people. You're excluding American blacks." Nice, she advocates discrimination based on skin color... but what about terrorists like Timothy McVeigh & Eric Rudolph? Those lilly white boys would just squeak by the security checks if a super genius like The Hag were in charge... what a stupid racist C*$T... & I never use the "C" word against fellow females... but since she/he's not a female... it's all good.
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