Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ratzinger as a Cardinal Defended Priest Abuse

This is not good, and as a parent, this pisses me off bigtime: When he was Cardinal Ratzinger, our new Pope appears to have covered up sex abuse allegations against Father Maciel of Mexico. And what was Ratzinger's response to the priest sex abuse scandal? It was the fault of the "liberal media" of course... not the men of the cloth who swore an oath to God to do God's works and then like predatory animals, forced themselves upon innocent children... but the media. Did Ratzinger consult w/Tom DeLay on this one? Care to see what Ratzinger had to say about women and homosexuals? Read this, it was written in 01/05 (well before JPII died) and it is enlightening. And as if I already didn't have concerns about Ratzinger, read what the Talibornagains have to say about our new Pope (hint: they just LOVE him... YIKES!)
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