Thursday, April 21, 2005

Condi: President's Power on Media is Worrying

Condi Rice, in Moscow, said that the power that the President has on the media is "worrying"... Yeah Condi, it is worrying that the Prez paid $240,000 to Armstrong Williams to sell No Child Left Behind, it is troubling that only GOP Kool-Aid drinkers can attend Presidential town hall meetings and rally events (but after taking an oath to the Prez, of course), Faux News calling a Presidential Election for the President instead of the ACTUAL winner of the Election is really worrying, Sinclair Broadcasting refusing to allow the roll call of our fallen soldiers be shown on tv for fear that it will make the Prez's war look bad, and a gay hooker w/absolutely no journalistic credentials being allowed to sit w/the WH Press Club is beyond worrying... it is weird and creepy... oh... oops... I see now... Condi meant that the power President Putin has on the media is worrying... wow, ya know, the 2 men are so much alike in their love for dictatorial rule and absolute power that I couldn't distinguish which president Condi was referring to...
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