Saturday, April 23, 2005

WAKE UP... War with Iran in June 05?

Fox News is devoting an entire hour this weekend to muddy the waters with Iran:the Nuclear Threat before the media ignores the trumped up leadup to (yet another) illegal war, but Aljazeera clearly sees how brain dead Americans will sleepwalk into allowing another war happen. It's not as if Seymour Hersh hasn't warned us though, but then again, who believes award winning journalists and authors of Hersh's ilk anyway? Maybe the brain dead will listen to neo-cons like Norman Podhoretz, who says that WW IV started on Sept 11, 01... and who is pushing for this war w/Iran? Well, it is Israel, of course, and Israel claims that they KNOW that Iran is at the point of no return on nuclear weapons. At Open Democracy, Dan Plesch says do not be shocked when the war in Iran starts, so if you want your eyes to be open while the rest of America (and the corporate media) falls asleep at the wheel, please check this out, b/c we need to stop this war with Iran before it starts.
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