Monday, April 11, 2005

The Liberal Legacy of JP II

If you only focus on issues dealing w/sex, sexual orientation, and gender, then JP II was very conservative. But if you look at his views on issues of workers' rights, economies, social programs, and the obligation to care for our environment, then JP II was very liberal. Read this English translated version of Laborem Exercens to get a peek into JP II's very liberal, and dare I sat it?... even socialist view, on capital, economies, and workers. And like Bill Clinton, I believe that JP II's legacy will be a mixed bag of being absolutely correct and loving on some issues and absolutely too conservative and out of touch on some issues... like most of us humans, from time to time, and I absolutely despise the GOP's condescending Catholic pandering of late, and Bush said that Clinton is completely wrong on JP II's legacy (well, Clinton was mobbed by fans in Rome, while Bush was booed)... and, well the Pope still knew that you were an absolute hypocrite extreme Bush by claiming that you are pro-life while waging war, whole heartedly supporting the death penalty, the illegal use of torture, and the complete decimation of the poor and middle class by the wealthy... so all the Catholic ass kissing in the world will not change things, ya jackass.
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