Thursday, April 07, 2005

Another Scandalous Trip for DeLIAR

Good God, how many paid for foreign trips did this chump take? Yesterday I reported that it has been uncovered that DeLay went on a paid for by lobbyists trip to Russia for nearly a cool $60K, but now this: DeLay took a 1997 New Year's trip to the island of Saipan. Today, DeLay blasted the media over the just uncovered story that his wife and daughter have received payments of $500,000 from his campaign committees, and who is to blame for all of these stories coming to light?.... oh, that evil but totally make believe "liberal media"... And how about some more DeLay stories... well, it seems that on 6/14/98, The Columbus Dispatch (OH) reported that DeLay said that "judges need to be intimidated". Hmm... I guess that the Schiavo case was NOT the push behind DeLay claiming that "activist judges must be stopped!" LIAR
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