Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Irish Bookmaker Taking Bets on Next Pope

Yep, its true. An Irish bookmaking site is taking bets on who will be the next pope. Paddy Power is listing Tettamanzi- an Italian and the Archbishop of Milan, and Arinze- an African and Archbishop of Nigeria as tied for first place. But there is an old saying at the Vatican: One goes in a Pope and comes out a Cardinal, which means that those widely favored at the start seldom are chosen as Pope. I guess we shall see very shortly... they have to pick w/in 2 weeks of the funeral. And this news from Belfast, N. Ireland is very discouraging: Anti Pope grafitti has been showing up in Belfast, and a Presbyterian Orange Order minister admits to making jokes about the dearly departed JP II and in particular, made Parkinson's disease jokes... classy, no?
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