Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tom DeLay, May Your Ass Meet a Large Boot

Things are heating up for Tom DeLay in the hot water dept... from the NY Times, it seems that DeLay's wife and married daughter have been paid more than $500K since 2001 from DeLay's political action and campaign committees. And this from the Wash Post: yet another illegally paid for foreign trip for DeLay. This time, he went on a nearly $58K trip to Russia... wow.... Smirnoff's vodka, borscht, and Moscow hookers are soooo expensive.... And it looks like Reid and the Dems are rrready to rrrumble over the GOP charges over judges... which is so funny since Frist just put his tail between his legs and whimpered that the courts were fair in the Schiavo case, especially since he couldn't screech enough about activist judges on Mar. 17th.
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