Thursday, April 07, 2005

WHO: Millions of Babies & Moms Die

Every 60 secs one woman dies in pregnancy or childbirth around the world. Every 60 secs twenty children die from hunger and easily preventable diseases around the world, according to the World Health Org. Roughly 136 million babies are born every yr worldwide, yet only 43% of these moms receive prenatal care. That may be why 4 million newborns die before they reach 1 month old and why 3.3 million stillbirths occur. According to the UN, despite global advances in medicine, the situation for expectant moms, babies, and children under the age of 5 have worsened since the 90's.... culture of life... I think not... and oh yeah, since the Culture of Life crowd wants to outlaw all abortions, every yr worldwide 68,000 women die from illegal abortions.
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