Saturday, April 09, 2005

GOP Gay Hypocrite's Wedding

What kind of gift is appropriate for a gay hypocrite? According to the NY Times: April 8 - Arthur J. Finkelstein, a prominent Republican consultant who has directed a series of hard-edged political campaigns to elect conservatives in the United States and Israel over the last 25 years, said Friday that he had married his male partner in a civil ceremony at his home in Massachusetts. Mr. Finkelstein, 59, who has made a practice of defeating Democrats by trying to demonize them as liberal, said in a brief interview that he had married his partner of 40 years to ensure that the couple had the same benefits available to married heterosexual couples. I say "Mazoltov!" to their nuptials, but did Art have to join the Dark Side and works his gay ass off to get ardently anti-gay politicians elected? Talk about selling your soul to the Devil.... jeeze.
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