Friday, April 08, 2005

Wal-Mart is Under Attack & Whores Out the Marines

As if I would ever hand this immoral ravenous corporate beast a lousy tissue... Wal-Mart wants to tell their side of the story... to quote Dr. Evil... "boo frickin hoo"... and how nice of Wal- Mart to prey upon the poor and middle class who shop there by selling the Marine Corps at their stores in an effort to convince their shoppers to enlist. Nice... buy dirt cheap products from China, (a nation that forces their women to have abortions during all trimesters but all the pro-lifers shop Wal-Mart) and decimate our American economy, workers, and businesses by purchasing those cheap Chinese products, and also get the chance to lose your life, limbs, and mind for a corporate whore President & unnecessary war, all while lowering prices... always.
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