Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Rummy Rebuke: Gen Wes Clark Joins

Recently retired Gen Richard Myers defends Rummy by saying it is very rude of former generals to criticize Rumsfeld: They are inappropriately breaching military etiquette that dictates officers only air complaints w/ the civilian leadership privately. Hmm, somehow I doubt that the loved ones of dead troops would give a crap what Miss Manners would say. I have great respect for him, so I'm happy to see that Gen Clark speaks about the other generals' calling for Rummy's resignation: "They don't speak out easily about matters like this, not a one of them. They're speaking out only after they've searched their conscience. They're speaking out w/a great deal of trepidation, b/c they know that they'll be attacked. And worse than that, in the military loyalty's a very, very strong attribute. People stay w/ the Armed Forces b/c they believe in their country, but also b/c they're loyal to their comrades in arms. These are not people who are self-seeking. They're not doing it for ulterior motives. They're doing it because they believe in it. And they're speaking out about it b/c the results of the operations in Iraq haven't lived up to the cakewalk billing that the admin predicted."
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