Monday, April 17, 2006

2.) Because you see, the Bush admin couldn't blatantly REFUSE gay and lesbian parents and their children tickets to the annual WH Easter Egg Roll.... but they COULD screw the gay and lesbian parents who have been waiting in line (many overnight) to get the free tickets out of getting tickets for the opening ceremonies instead (via Pandagon): "This year, at the last minute, for the first time, the policy for distributing tickets to the WH Easter Egg Roll has changed, with the families waiting outside all night to get opening time tickets receiving tickets with an entrance time of 11am or later — after the cameras have rolled for the opening ceremonies of the event, because the egg roll is slated for 8am to 2pm, according to the WH press release. So, the bob and weave is complete — they cannot bar the gay families, but they can try to ensure invisibility to avoid a PR nightmare for the Bushies and their religious right masters."
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