Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Chocolate-Plantation Oooh-La-La

1.) I agree wholeheartedly w/Hillary that things are run like a plantation under BushCo... in fact, holier than thou GOP serial wife divorcer Newt Gingrich thought that the Dems ran things like a plantation and even said so, as did a whole lotta other GOPers. 2.) I am THRILLED to the umpteenth degree that Mayor Nagin said openly that NOLA will once again be a "chocolate city". Nagin said what people who truly love New Orleans fear most since the exodus of the minority population due to the Katrina debacle: New Orleans will become a scary-ass White Wonderland. Thanks Nagin for reassuring me that NOLA will be the city that she once was, b/c if NOLA is whitened up... it will NOT be NOLA.
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