Friday, August 05, 2005

This Wasn't 1st Time Novak Freaked Out

Watch the video here, courtesy of Take Back the Media. And read about the incident here. The incident took place on 1/27/04 in Merrimack, NH. CNN was taping a Crossfire episode while travelling w/the Dem presidential candidates in the early primaries. Novak attacks a man who calls him a traitor for outing Valerie Plame, Paul Begala holds Novak back from hitting the man again, and Tucker Carlson (yes, that bow-tie wearing freak) defends Novak and says: "You're going to call the cops because a 72-yr old guy pushed you? Get a life, dude!" No Tucker, get a haircut, a real wardrobe and keep your insane geriatric Garden Gnome on a tight leash, 'kay? Hat tip to David Swanson.
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