Friday, August 05, 2005

The Iraq = Vietnam Comparisons by Experts

Thurs night as I watched The Newshour w/Jim Lehrer, (you can listen to the real audio of the broadcast here) Jim lead a discussion on the challenges facing US troops w/ retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Bernard Trainor & retired Army Col. Douglas MacGregor. Both men said that there are not nearly enough troops as are needed in Iraq AND that the big problem is that after fighting insurgents "down" in 1 area, our troops then retreat and then the insurgents come back and grow strong again in that same area, leading to the troops having to fight them "down" again, and so on in an endless cycle of violence and casualties. But then,(to my shock) both experts agreed that this military tactic is nothing new & that there are no coherent plans and strategies... why?... b/c this is exactly what Westmoreland did in Vietnam. WTF? Exactly what that obstinate blindfolded butcher Westmoreland did? Well, I guess we all know how well that war turned out, eh? Then Trainor goes on to say that what we are doing is waltzing in, killing then allowing them to flee, then pissing off and arresting those civilians who could have been our allies and friends. OMFG... at least Juan Cole sees the serious Vietnam connections, too.
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