Friday, August 05, 2005

Corzine's Private Loan is NOT Business of GOP

Forget the fact that Sen Corzine (D-NJ) ended his personal & private romantic relationship w/union leader Carla Katz LAST JULY... but suddenly the GOP has their hackles up b/c Corzine gave Katz (union leader for Communications Workers of America Local 1034) a personal loan for a mortgage. Corzine is a millionaire worth at least $261 million. He loaned Katz $470,000 to buy out her ex-husband's share of their 200 yr old historic home. Corzine said he forgave the loan after his romance with Katz ended in July 2004 because she did not have the means to repay it. He paid the gift tax on the mortgage (as the law requires) and as a millionaire, doesn't he have the right to "eat" the $470K if he chooses to? How many of us have given an ex an expensive gift that we would rather forget about once the relationship is over? If we were worth $261 million we might have bought a home for our ex, too. It is laughable that the GOP says that Corzine has a conflict of interest... NO, here are conflicts of interest: Cheney is CEO of Halliburton. Cheney becomes VP of the US. The US declares a trumped up illegal war on Iraq. Halliburton gets exclusive no bid contracts in Iraq, making BILLIONS for stock holder Cheney. Here's another: Tom DeLay steals money from his PAC. DeLay spreads this money around to almost every single GOPer in office. Those GOPers in office change the House Rules to prevent an investigation into DeLay's PAC. Oh that's right, the GOP examples involve money and breaking the law and rules. But when Corzine paid for his ex girlfriend's loan, that involved a romantic and sexual relationship... GOP = Sex & Love Police.
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