Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Draft Dodger Rush Calls Hackett a "Staff Puke"

On Tuesday's LAMEbaugh show, he ripped Iraqi Vet and Congressional candidate Paul Hackett apart and even went as far as calling Hackett a "staff puke who didn't see combat." Now, Hackett's military record has already proven that he did see combat, but since when do military records stop guys of Rush's ilk? Hmm, John Kerry had 20 certified kills in Vietnam & was highly decorated, Max Clelland lost 3 limbs & John McCain (yes, I will defend McCain's honorable service in Vietnam, not his GOP ass kissing actions) was held as POW for 5 1/2yrs YET all of these Vets have been ripped to shreds by Rush & his GOPers. If I were Hackett, I would say this: "So Rush, when I was protecting the city of Fallujah and I had an IED go off not more than 50 ft from me, what was your fat Vicodin popping ass doing?" A: The same thing it did during Vietnam. NOTHING, except allowed others to shed their blood and sacrifice. Hmm, kind of like Bush, Cheney, Bolton, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Ashcroft, Perle, Rove... and so on... and so on...I wonder if this is the NEW CRITERIA for the GOP in terms of Veterans: 1) You are ONLY a Vet if you are wounded (unless your name is Kerry or Clelland) 2) You are ONLY a Vet if you are captured (unless your name is McCain) 3) You are ONLY a Vet if you were in actual combat that we deem as real combat- non of this guerilla warfare crap- that is for sissies & punks 4) You can ONLY call your self a true veteren when running for office if you're KIA... err... yeah... KIA dammit! I hope the troops in Iraq were listening up b/c they need to know that their sacrifice and service doesn't mean squat to these GOPers. Be prepared to be spit on at the airports returning troops... or does that spitting upon rule only apply to Dems?
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