Monday, May 02, 2005

GOP Didn't Grant Up & Down Votes On Judges

The GOP claims that fairness demands that all judicial nominees be granted up & down votes... but didja know that: While only 2 of Bush's judicial nominees have been defeated in open votes, nearly 60 of President Clinton's judicial nominees were defeated through secret, anonymous holds and other secretive, non-transparent Republican tactics... and what about this from Meet the Press w/Tim Russert: MR. RUSSERT: "Court of Appeals, Clinton nominated 51; 35 were confirmed. 16 were blocked by the Repubs by not giving hearings or not allowed out of committee. Bush nominated 52; 35 were confirmed. 35 were confirmed because the Dems threatened filibuster. They don't run the committees, so they can't block it in committee. What's the difference?" Good question Tim... but here's the reason: its alright to block Clinton's judges but not Bush's... Clinton is immoral. Bush is God-like...
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