Monday, May 02, 2005

Judge Janice Brown... be afraid & filibuster!

So, Ann The Emaciated Hag Coulter claims that "liberals hate Judge Brown b/c she is black", no asshat, we oppose her being confirmed b/c Brown equates Social Security w/a revolution of Socialism infesting our nation, she advocates racially discriminatory speech in the workplace as protected by the First Amendment, she thinks that age discrimination is just a natural effect of the passage of time, she advocates overturning consumer protections from dangerous products, and she says that when the govt moves into our lives, the results are moral depravity and debauchery (well if she is referring to the GOP and Talibornagains' version of govt... yeah, moral depravity & debauchery do result), but Medicare/Medicaid, public school funding, veterans' benefits, and keeping food on the tables of poor kids is NOT morally depraved or debauched. Notice there is not a single mention of Brown's race... only her F-ing crazy ideology... jeeze.
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