Friday, April 29, 2005

The Forced Pregnancy Act's 1st Victim

So, the Parental Notification Law passed (minors who want to obtain an abortion must have parental consent) and now a 13yr old FL girl (who lives in a shelter) told her case worker that she wanted to obtain an abortion, and the FL social services agency got a judge to block the girl's request. Forcing a homeless 13yr old to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term... anyone ever read or saw the movie The Handmaid's Tale? I'm sure the defunded social services will just pour in to help her provide food, medicine, clothes, and shelter for this baby once it is born, right? She's too immature to decide to get an abortion BUT she IS mature enough to be pregnant and have and raise a baby?... oh well, that's exactly what sluts like her deserve... she should have recieved abstinence only education... then she'd just have unprotected oral & anal sex like the other abstinence only educated kids do.
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