Thursday, April 28, 2005

Catholic Bishops are Anti-Filibuster Now

From the LA Times: Evangelical Protestants have led the way in portraying Dems as enemies of God, but the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has chimed in on the issue of judicial nominees in a mass mailing to parishioners timed to yield constituent letters just as the matter comes to a vote, telling the parishioners that the filibuster must be squelched. Ya know, I tried to be open minded during the election, despite Ratzinger's Rule (if you're pro-choice, you must be denied communion) but on this issue, the Bishops and yes, even the Pope can go FUCK THEMSELVES.
If you think that is harsh of me, too bad... read the quote of JFK that sums up why I feel the way I do & why I am a public member of American society 1st, and a private member of a religion 2nd. And I am not alone, b/c this abuse of the Church's power is echoed beautifully here.
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