Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Abramoff...Endless Web of GOP Illegal Activities

OK, so we know that Abramoff's credit card paid for DeLay's UK trip, but didja know that Abramoff also used funds (that he said were for a Washington DC charity, the Capital Athletic Foundation) to support Jewish settlers on the West Bank in their fight the Palestinian intifada? Hmm... maybe that is why Jack finds his friends list to be mighty short these days (awesome article that shows which GOPers Jack is connected to). And lots of Jack's former GOP friends and associates are sweating bullets nowadays, but they may have no need to fear b/c Attorney Gen Gonzales will have the final say. Speaking of corrupt attorneys, check out what the Native Americans have to say about their tribes being taken for a big ride by Abramoff, if Jack gets indicted, it may make Sen John McCain's problems with the tribes go away, check out the 25 yr connection between Jack & Ralph Reed (running for GA Lt. Gov & former Christian Coalition bigwig) & if you can believe this... Abramoff's involvement in the Marianas Islands is being investigated, too. Jeeze, this guy is toxic, and I bet he can sing like a canary when pressed... and it looks like his singing has begun: Just released records show that DeLay & Jack were in daily contact w/each other during the 90's.
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