Thursday, April 28, 2005

Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act Passed

The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act passed the House 270-157 Wednesday, including 54 bad Dems in favor of the Act and 11 Republicans voting for women's rights. I am the parent of a baby girl, but let NARAL Pro Choice America tell you why this is bad... and unconstitutional. If my own daughter could not or would not tell me she needed or wanted to have an abortion, I would be devastated, simply put. But if she were the victim of rape or incest, I could understand and respect her predicament and decision. So, what about young women whose family members forced them to become pregnant or force them to remain pregnant?... oh well, the criminal justice system will just deal w/these terrified teens later when they give birth to their unwanted babies in secret in a dirty bathroom and throw their babies away like trash by charging them w/murder, abandonment or child endangerment (if the baby lives), or they can always go the coat hanger route. Let's just make a bad situation even worse... idiots.
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