Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Emaciated Hag Said "Swarthy Males" Before

Okay, so in the new Time, Ann the Emaciated Hag Coulter refers to "swarthy males" i.e. those of a skin complexion that could suggest that they may be of Middle Eastern descent such as Italian, Spanish, Jews, but she was once fired for using that exact term: The Nat'l Review fires Coulter after she penned a piece that called for the US to respond to terrorism by invading their countries, killing their leaders, and converting them to Christianity... the decision came after editors refused to run a follow-up piece in which Coulter singled out what she called "swarthy males". (if you stomach it, read it here) Assuming that The Hag is talking about Islamic terrorists, how can she exclude blacks given that many African Americans are Muslims, as well as African immigrants, and what about Caucasian Muslims from nations like Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Turkey, Russia, the Caucasus and Anglo-American Muslims? And she says to exclude the women... has this dumb bitch never heard of pissed off Chechnyan widows who strap bombs to their chests and blow up planes, let alone all of the innocent fresh faced Arab girls who been suicide bombers in the Middle East? Stupid & ugly... not a nice combination for an emaciated trans-sexual. If you're up for a very STRANGE read, check this out (graphic, like porn graphic & VERY WEIRD, but it's about The Hag)
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