Saturday, April 30, 2005

Soc Sec's Progressive Indexing Explained

Check this out if you want to get a grasp on Bush's proposed "progressive indexing" for SS. VERY INFORMATIVE... but I esp. like the comments section that sums up exactly what I KNOW in my heart is behind the gutting of Soc Sec: "They intend to undo the New Deal and return the economy to the structure it had in 1870 (pre-Bismark industrial capitalism), with a few ultrawealthy at the top, a thin layer of strivers who work themselves to death thinking they will get to the top, and a large mass of proles with no choice but to toil until they die". YEP, that sums up the Neo-Con agenda perfectly... wake up working America! The GOP just met on Friday to ram Bush's proposal thru, despite the overwhelming numbers of us who HATE this idea.
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