Thursday, August 17, 2006

UK Deputy PM Prescott: Bush is Crap

John Prescott, the UK's Deputy Prime Minister, summed up Pres Bush and his approach to the Middle East in a single word: CRAP (via Independent UK): Prescott's condemnation of Bush could cause a diplomatic row but it will please Labour MPs who are furious about Tony Blair's backing of the US over the bombing of Lebanon. The remark is said to have been made at a private meeting in Prescott's Whitehall office on Tues w/ Muslim MPs and other Labour MPs w/ constituencies representing large Muslim communities. Some of the MPs present said they could not remember Prescott making the remark, but MP Harry Cohen, said Prescott had definitely used the word "crap" about the Bush admin: "Prescott was talking in the context of the 'road map' in the Middle East. He said he only gave support to the war on Iraq b/c they were promised the road map. But he said the Bush admin had been crap on that. We all laughed and he said to an official, 'Don't minute that'." Cohen added: "We also had a laugh when he said old Bush is just a cowboy w/ his Stetson on. But then he said, 'I can hardly talk about that can I?' " Last night, an official from the Deputy PM's office said: " These discussions are intended to be private and remain within the 4 walls. They are private so that there may be frank discussions." Well, whether Prescott said it on the record or or off the record... saying that Bush is crap and his admin's approach to the Middle East is crap is 100% accurate, and I couldn't agree more. At least someone has the clarity of mind to say what so many of us have seen to be true since the yr 2000.
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