Wednesday, August 16, 2006

3400+ Iraqi civilians killed in month of July, but the brand new GOP phrase is Adapt & Win...... NOT Stay the Clusterfuck Course

Ken Mehlman (fresh from crawling out of that DEEEEEP closet of his) delusionally spewed the new GOP catch phrase... no, not Islamo-fascists, but this one: In Iraq, we will ADAPT and WIN. Wow. STAY the COURSE is so last yr, no? Psst... guess what Kenny? When you're sending in 1000s of more troops b/c Iraq has crumbled into a civil war, you are still staying the course. No matter what brand new shiny phrase you wanna wrap it up in. On Tues came news that more Iraqi civilians were killed in July -about 3400- than in any other month of the war, according to Iraqi Health Ministry and morgue statistics, despite a security plan begun by the new govt in June. Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish member of parliament, said: "The US policy has failed both in terms of politics and security, but the big problem is that they will not confess or admit that. They are telling the American public that the situation in Iraq will be improved, they want to encourage positive public opinion (in the US), but the Iraqi citizens are seeing something different. They know the real situation." Othman also said that top American officials spend most of their time in the heavily guarded Green Zone and at large military bases and don't know what's happening beyond. A Shiite parliament Jalaladin al Saghir, offered: "All the American policies have failed because the American analysis of the situation is wrong; it is not related to reality. The slaughtered Iraqi man on the street member named conveys the best explanation for what's happening there. Yet American military and civilian leaders continue to offer generally upbeat assessments." Hmm... seems to me like those Iraqi parliament members sound a bit like Ned Lamont b/c they are pointing out the true state of affairs in Iraq. I wonder when exactly will Cheney start accusing these 2 men of cavorting with al Qaida since they aren't kissing Lieberman's "war happy/ everything is coming up roses in Iraq" ass?
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