Saturday, August 19, 2006

Christian Coalition: Plain old EVIL

Now if you live in Ohio, you know that our Sec of State, Repuke J. Kenneth Blackwell, is running for OH gov. Blackwell promised to hand deliver OH to Bush in 04, and helped commit several crimes related to voter fraud to do it. But then again, why be shocked when our Repuke Gov Taft is currently a convict and our gov? But a voter criminal isn't all that Blackwell is. He is also the handpicked candidate of the Christian Coalition: Pastor Rod Parsley's Reformation Ohio and Rev Russell Johnson's OH Restoration Project have both been recruiting "Patriot Pastors" for more than a yr now, and are creating a model for a new generation of theocratic activists as the Falwell/ Robertson generation readies for retirement. They have also been paying for and putting together 30 secs radio ads for Blackwell. Parsley, by the way, is the pastor who helped cover up his own father's sexual harrassment of Naomi Endicott, a World Harvest Church's employee. Visiting this link is scary enough... b/c it documents sex related crimes committed by the Religious Fright for the yr 1992 alone.Can ya imagine what other years look like? OH is the target of a pilot project that they will replicate around the country going into the next round of elections. Time is of the essence to stop this frontal assault on our freedoms by this movement that seeks (as former GOP political strategist Kevin Phillips tells us) to implement an "American Theocracy." Look, they are not primarily about religion - they are in fact a political movement - and their goal is first and foremost about political power, using the tools of electoral democracy. Former congressional candidate and Marine Iraq vet Paul Hackett sees how damned scary these people are, and he's asking for our help: "Here is an indication of the threat we face: according to Parsley: "A new heartbeat is palpitating out of Columbus, OH, and it's hitting the state and reverberating like shock waves across the nation. The only way to be consistently right is to get on the solid foundation that this nation was founded on, the B-I-B-L-E, that's the book for me. Americans must be "Christocrats," becoming citizens of both their country and God's kingdom. And that is not a democracy; that is a theocracy... That means God is in control, and you are not." Nutjobs like this are trying to get Blackwell in office at any cost (including risking their tax exempt status) and Blackwell has already promised them that if he becomes Gov, that he will immediately move foward to make ALL abortions illegal in OH--under ANY circumstances-- and to make it a crime for any OH resident to leave the state to obtain an abortion in another state, and the person who transports her to another state (even her husband or parents) will be facing a 15 yr prison term. So much for the GOP crapola about them being the ones who protect the sanctity of marriage and parental rights of one's children, huh? But honestly, why should that hypocrisy shock us? Here's yet another Repuke and Religious Frighter to be added to the very loooong list compiled by the Armchair Subversive on GOP sex criminals: "Lou Beres, former exec dir of the OR Christian Coalition and former chair of the Multnomah Cnty Republican Party, confessed to police on 2 separate occasions, that he has sexually touched underage girls, includ a teen sister-in-law, according to a police report dated Sept 13, 2005... but mysteriously, no charges were filed: Allegations against Beres surfaced last fall, when 3 of his female relatives (2 daughters and a sister-in-law) contacted the Child Abuse Hotline. The allegations were investigated, but no charges were filed, & now the statute of limitations has passed." Hmm... ya have to wonder, who did this guy pay off? Maybe Beres just believes that it simply isn't a crime if you don't tell. And I'm sure he'd tell us w/a wink and a swarmy smile that Jesus forgives him for these unspeakable acts, b/c he's a real Christian, as are so many of his Coalition GOPers.
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