Tuesday, February 14, 2006

FuneralGate Connection to the Cheney Shooting

Hat tip to Kathleen Callon for tipping me off to this. Read her post- it is great... and this connection is beyond fucking creepy. It is downright psychotic: "An old scandal exists involving a Bush contributor and longtime family friend, Robert Waltrip and the desecration of dead bodies. And George W. Bush is directly linked to this scandal (as is former FEMA director Joe Allbaugh, GW's Chief of Staff while Gov of TX). According to Fox News, Waltrip's company, a cemetery company called Srvc Corp Internatl (aka Dignity Memorial) was "recycling" graves, removing the bodies that were there originally and throwing them in the woods to use the space to house new customers at 2 Jewish cemeteries in FL. Bush's connection to the story is that he was subpoenaed in '99 but refused to testify in a lawsuit by an ousted TX state employee as to what his involvement was in halting an investigation into SCI's embalming practices, among other things. This was a big TX scandal for our prez at the time, but as you will learn from this Wa Post article dated 8/31/99, a TX judge put everything right for then-Gov Bush, just in time to campaign for the Presidency. Taxpayers of the state of TX and SCI settled the lawsuit for $210,000 on 11/9/01, wks before the gruesome discovery made at 2 cemeteries in FL caught the brief attention of the media." As a result of this whistle-blowing scandal, the TX Funeral Srvc Commission was dismissed. A new TFSC board was formed. And who headed the board? None other than Austin lawyer Harry Whittington. "Whittington said his motivation for taking the job comes both from his age and his desire to serve the public. "I know it's a challenge," he said. "But we have 150,000 people dying every year in TX. That's a lot of funerals, and my generation is getting closer to them every day. It's a big part of our lives that needs to be dealt with." The plot thickens, eh? And what did Harry- no pun intended- dig up about this?
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