Tuesday, January 10, 2006

GOP in VA: No Unmarried Females Can Get Artificial Insemination

Once again, the GOP sex Nazis are on the march in the state of VA: A bill in the Virginia state legislature (sponsored by GOPer Del. Robert Marshall, who has also sponsored measures to ban same-sex marriage and strictly limit abortions) pre-filed HB 187 on Jan 2 for the 2006 state legislative session, which begins Jan 11. HB 187 would forbid medical professionals from providing to unmarried women "certain intervening medical technology" that "completely or partially replaces sexual intercourse as the means of conception." The bill provides a list of medical procedures, including "artificial insemination by donor" and invitro fertilization. Marshall’s new effort "would preclude lesbian couples from conceiving through artificial insemination". The measure would also prevent gay men from having children “through unmarried surrogate mothers" it noted. Hey, turn about is fair play: Let's promote our own legislation: All GOP/Neo-Convict/ conservative men are to be systematically castrated. That would teach 'em a lesson, huh? Jeeze... what's next for these sex Nazis? Banning good old fashioned hand-jobs and turkey basters?
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