Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Gen Sir Michael Rose: Impeach Tony Blair

GuardianUK: Gen Sir Michael Rose was adjutant genrl of the British army and commander of the UN protection force in Bosnia, and he says Tony Blair should be impeached: "People have seen their political wishes ignored for reasons now proved false. But there has been no attempt in parliament to call Blair personally to account for what has transpired to be a blunder of enormous strategic significance. One obvious way of re-engaging these disaffected voters would be for parliament to accept that it wrongly supported the war - but only b/c it believed what Blair told them. Now it is clear that parliament was misled by Blair, either wittingly or unwittingly, parliament should also call on him for a full explanation as to why he went to war. It is not a sufficient excuse for Blair to say that he acted in good faith and that his decisions were based on the intelligence he had been given. For it is the clear responsibility of people in his position to test intelligence. No intelligence can ever be taken at face value. Indeed it is negligent so to do. The impeachment of Blair is now something I believe must happen if we are to rekindle interest in the democratic process." Well Blair, you put your entire career on the line for the lies of a spolied brat Texas tyrant. I guess being Bush's bitch-monkey has it's drawbacks.
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