Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fred Phelps: God Righteously Killed Miners

Is this one of the sickest fucking things you have ever laid eyes upon? Little kids sporting hate T-shirts from the likes of the Rev Fred Phelps. These kids better watch out... or all of that "arms around one another" stuff just may lead to a pre-adolescent homosexual love fest. Pix courtesy of BCCGlass.Org
Religious nutjob Fred Phelps and his family of circus freaks are at it again. These sick fucks are planning a protest at the memorial service being scheduled to honor the memory of the 12 miners who died last week in W. VA. The memorial is scheduled for January 15 in Buckhannon, WV. The religious nutjobs plan to be there is to claim that God did this on purpose b/c God is seeking vengence on a society that isn't as homophobic as the freako group that attends Phelps' church in Topeka, KS. Here is the PDF of their freako flyer from Phelps' church and site GodHatesFags.Com. I personally would love to see a freak thunderstorm breeze into the Buckhannon area and take out these religious terrorists with some righteous lightening bolts.
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