Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Our angelic BabyGirl says Thank You All

Hubby, BabyGirl, and I can only say this to our sweet and wonderful blog family: "When we think of the kind and thoughtful things that caring people do, our hearts quickly think of all of you. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts." Hubby and I just read your well wishes with tears in our eyes. Thank you so much and you'll never know how much we relied upon your wishes, prayers, and good vibes. Surgery went well. She really was such an angel thru it all, and the doc said she didn't cry or scream when she was taken back to surgery and followed their directions well. I, on the otherhand, after we kissed her goodbye, fell completely apart and had a meltdown. BabyGirl is still very out of it from the anesthesia and crying off and on due to her pain and the fact that she cannot fully open her eyes yet. We see her pediatric ophthalmologist (who is also her surgeon) on Friday to see how she is progressing. Hubby and I didn't sleep 1 single wink Tuesday night... so we are going to put BabyGirl in bed with us and try to catch some zzz's. You guys are the greatest... giant hugs and kisses!
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