Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My 10 Unanswered about Cheney Shooting

List of things that are deeply troubling about Cheney shooting Whittington: 1.) Why did it take 24 hrs for news of the shooting to be made public? 2.) Why was Karen Armstrong (the ranch owner & private citizen) and NOT the WH the one to go public w/this info? 3.) Why did Karl Rove speak to Karen Armstrong BEFORE she went public w/the shooting info? 4.) Why did Secret Service agents turn away the Sheriff when the Sheriff came to talk to Cheney? AND 5.) Why was the Sheriff told to return the NEXT day? 6.) Why does the WH continue to refuse to address these ample questions and continue to blatantly generate the idea that they are above the law and above all scrutiny? 7.) Why did MSNBC scrub the story that had a quote from Karen Armstrong saying that alcohol was consumed by Cheney? 8.) Does the police report's description of the area of the body hit on Whittington make sense when we have been told that this is all Whittington's fault b/c he "broke" some unwritten TX hunting law of not announcing his presence to Cheney? AND Where are Whittington's clothes so an analysis of the gunshot spatter can be done? 9.) On Keith Olbermann, we were told that instead of taking Whittington straight to the hospital in Corpus Christi they took him to the smaller town of Kingsville, which would have involved traveling across the ranch probably on bumpy roads and a longer drive. So, the question is WHY would they have taken him to a lesser hospital 1st that required longer travel time? 10.) Why does Cheney refuse to make 1 single comment about this incident?
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