Monday, August 29, 2005

Pray for New Orleans... I So Love The Crescent City

Please, let's pray for all the people who will be impacted by Hurricane Katrina, but let's especially pray for New Orleans. I am so sickened and sad as I watch the Weather Channel & WWL TV in N.O.-live feed here (which will not be broadcasting after midnight Mon b/c of safety concerns) b/c I have so many fond memories of my time spent in N.O. One meteorologist said that by morning water could be up to the balconies on Bourbon St. It will be a shame to see buildings that survived the War of 1812 & the Civil War, fall before our eyes. After this is over with, the hard part comes. If & when the levees fail, N.O. will be flooded, and the disappearing wetlands will only contribute to this flooding. However, the levees then would act as a trap & keep the water in the city, and that water will be a cesspool of pollution in which it will be mixed with oil & gasoline from the surrounding area. This means the cleanup will have an environmental impact,and CNN predicts this hurricane could be our version of the Asian Tsunami. And the impact on our wallets? It will be HARSH: The equipment located in the storm's likely path includes the bulk of the nation's oil/ gas production platforms, 1000s of miles of pipelines and most importantly for national gasoline prices -- much of the country's refinery capacity. In addition, the south LA coastline serves as the entry point for around a 1/3 of the nation's imported oil. "This storm is going to pass through the meat of the oil and gas fields. The whole country will feel it, because it's going to cripple us and the country's whole economy," said Capt Buddy Cantrelle w/Kevin Gros Offshore, which supplies rigs via a fleet of large crew vessels. Here is the NYMEX link- oil is already over $70 per barrel in Sydney, Australia. Poor Gov Blanco (D-LA). Having to deal w/a catastrophe of this size under Bush's rule-which made sure that the US Army Corps of Engineers in N.O. was shortchanged by millions for their projects, and w/almost all LA's Nat'l Guardsmen in the Iraq hellhole. I am asking 2 of my favorite saints to wrap their arms around the Crescent City and protect her.
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